Pregnolone 120 caps Balkan...

Pregnolone 120 caps Balkan Farmaceuticals

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PREGNOLONE (ANABOLIC NATURAL FORMULA). Food supplement. Content: Alfalfa (30 capsules), Bee cocktail (30 capsules), ZMA (30 capsules gelatin), Testo Mix (30 tablets).


Pregnolone Nutritional information Alfalfa (30 capsules) Lucerne Juice - 500mg (per serving) Powder from Topinambur Tubes - 275mg (per serving) Liquid root extract of sweet wood - 25mg (per serving) Spirulina Biomass - 100mg (per serving) Bee cocktail (30 capsules) Seed oil - 400mg (per serving) Flaxseed oil - 245mg (per serving) Spirulina Biomass - 150mg (per serving) Grass larva extract - 100mg (per serving) ZMA (30 gelatin capsules) Magnesium Aspartate - 450mg / 18% VNR * (per serving) Zinc Mono L-Methionine - 150mg / 300% VNR (per serving) Vitamin B6 - 12.75mg / 750% VNR (per serving) Testo Mix (30 tablets) Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) - 350 mg (per serving) Of which: Saponins - 280mg (per serving) Dwarf palm extract - 200mg (per serving) Passion flower extract - 200mg (per serving) Powder of maca - 75mg (per serving) Egg Embryo Extract - 50mg (per serving) Instructions for use: 1 serving per day in the morning. Portion size: 1 Alfalfa tablet, 1 capsule of Bee Cocktail, 1 capsule of Testo Mix, 1 capsule of ZMA.

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