Tamoxiver - 20 tabs x 10 mg Tamoxifen

Tamoxiver - 20 tabs x 10 mg Tamoxifen

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Vermodje - Tamoxiver - Tamoxifen 20 tab x 10 mg \ Price \ 20 tabs.

Active chemical substance: Tamoxifen


Product Name: Tamoxiver
Manufacturer: Vermodje
Presentation: 100 tabs / 20 mg each
Active chemical substance: Tamoxifen

It is one of the most accessible antiestrogens . Is part of antiestrogens SERM , selective estrogen receptor modulators , and shows both estrogen agonist and antagonist Characteristics . In other words , can act like estrogen in some tissues , and called hormone action block above the others. Antiestrogen in breast tissue is strong, so it is used to treat breast cancer in women. Sometimes it is even used as a preventive method being used by women with a history of breast cancer in the family.
When bodybuilders and athletes , tamoxifen citrate is used to counteract side effects of naturally occurring estrogen caused by the use of certain anabolic steroids and androgens.
The main cause of concern among bodybuilders and athletes is gynecomastia , female breast development in men test . The first signs of gynecomastia are small bumps under the nipple ; if left to evolve can turn into solid tissue and of considerable size , which can not be treated only surgically.
Another undesirable effect of estrogen is water retention, which leads to muscle coverage and definition disappearance . Also, the accumulation of fat may occur . To prevent these side effects Nolvadex is used during a course of steroids flavored light ( turns into estrogen) . If priority is to define, then use May puetrnici antiestrogens such as Arimidex.

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