Follistatin 344- growth hormone...

Follistatin 344- growth hormone Multipharm

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Each vial contains: Follistatin 344 0.1mg


Follistatin is also known as an active binding protein that is encoded in the human FST gene. Follistatin is a code of 344 amino acids with 29 amino acid sequence sequences. It is an autocrine glycoprotein that is expressed in almost all tissues of the upper class of animals. Its main function is the binding and bio-neutralization of members of the gf-b superfamily, a particular focus on activated paracrine hormone.

Dosage and Administration

Follistatin represents a fine white powder in a vial to be mixed with bacteriostatic water The powder should be stored in dry and cool places without direct sunlight. The solution should be used with subcutaneous injection into the body fat using a very small insulin needle. Follistatin also has a local effect by increasing the amount of muscle in which it is injected. Once combined in the solution, the serum should be stored in a refrigerator (between 2 and 8 ° C / 36 ° F and 46 ° F) because the amino acid chain is likely to disintegrate and this may affect its effectiveness. The recommended and most common daily dose is 50 to 100 ug daily intramuscularly for 10 days after which the injection site is not changed.

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