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Sustanon 250 Organon 250 mg / 1 ml Turkey

Organon - Sustanon 250 Turkey 250 mg / 1 ml - Testosterone mix : 30mgs Testosterone Propionate, 60mgs Testosterone Phenylpropionate, 60mgs Testosterone Isocaproate, 100mgs Testosterone Decanoate
Injectable Steroids

Rimobolan 100 mg /1 ml (1 amp/box) Bayer Schering

Rimobolan Bayer is an anabolic steroid with a chemical name Methenolone, known as Primobolan Depot. It is one of the best drug used by bodybuilders for lean muscle mass and strength. Rimobolan has a strong anabolic effect, but weak androgenic action. It is very effective and is considered the safest injectable steroid.

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Why do we take steroids and how to use different kind of steroids

The information presented below and also our steroids come to help people that thought of using anabolic steroids or other similar substances.

What are steroids?

Steroids are basically medicine that are designed and manufactured to treat different illnesses. Steroids are used to cure important diseases like cancer, HIV, genetical disorders, etc.

Anabolic steroids are hormones that increase the human body's ability to develop lean muscle mass.

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